May I publish METACOM symbols in printed matter?

The Licensee may include in its non-commercially produced and distributed printed material photographs that show only the use of the Symbols, but that are not suitable for producing materials with Symbols. For example, a photograph showing a communication board with symbols lying on a table is permitted. Not allowed is e.g. a photo in the quality of a scan of the communication board or a screenshot of the communication board file.

If the licensee is a school, a day care center or an institution for people with disabilities, up to 25 symbols may be published without permission in each non-commercially produced and distributed printed product (e.g. invitation, poster, flyer) of the licensee. A copyright notice must be attached (METACOM Symbols © Annette Kitzinger). Any publication exceeding this number is subject to approval.
Please send requests for permission with a detailed description of the planned type of publication and the number/size of symbols (alternatively send the material for viewing) by e-mail to, , dazu please click here.