May I share printed material or files with METACOM symbols with others?

The licensee's right of use includes the digital distribution
  • of symbols or files with symbols to other holders of a right to use METACOM 9 Desktop
  • of document files generated with the product with the file extension ".metadf".
  • of collection files created with the product with the file extension ".metacf".

Material created with METACOM 9 Desktop may be distributed in printed form
  1. to persons who themselves have a right to use the METACOM 9 Desktop product, or
  2. for personal use to persons who receive clinical, therapeutic or teaching support from the licensee in the course of his or her work.

When passing on files or printed material, the licensee must ensure that he/she is authorized to pass on all images or symbols contained therein. Third-party copyrights must also be observed, especially when using the My Symbols and Import Image functions.