In My Symbols not everything is displayed

There are two ways to add your own symbols/images to My Symbols:

  1. Save your own symbol variants in My Symbols in the MODIFY section
  2. Open the my-symbols folder and add your own symbol/image files directly *

Please note for way 2:

  • Symbol/image files placed in the folder are only displayed under My symbols after MetaSearch has been restarted.
  • Symbols/photos placed directly in the folder must be in PNG format. JPG files are not displayed. JPG files must first be converted to PNG format with a suitable programme. Alternatively, JPG files can be added to My Symbols via MODIFY > Add Symbol (resize if necessary) > Save Symbol.

* The my-symbols folder can be opened via MENU > Settings > MY SYMBOLS > Reveal Folder. The possibility of opening the folder and inserting files directly into it can be blocked by the administrator, e.g. in the case of network-based installation.