Where can I find the MetaSearch version number?

MetaSearch updates may be provided to correct bugs or to provide minor improvements and feature enhancements. Each MetaSearch version is assigned a multi-digit version number. All version numbers belonging to METACOM 9 Desktop start with 9, for example 9.0.0 or 9.1.4.

There are several ways to find out which MetaSearch 9 version you have installed or are using.

1. In the MetaSearch window, go to Menu > Settings and then to About MetaSearch. The version number is then displayed.

2. Alternatively, you can find the version number

in Windows Explorer: Find and open the MetaSearch 9 program folder. Right-click on the MetaSearch 9.exe file. Select the Properties > Details option.

In the macOS Finder: Open the Applications folder or alternate location for the MetaSearch 9.app. Right-click MetaSearch 9.app. Select the Information > General option.

on the Linux desktop: Open the software or package management tool. Search for an installed package with the name De.custommedia.metasearch-9. Open - if necessary - the detail view of the found package.