Tax-free invoice for customers from EU countries other than Germany (tax-free intra-Community delivery/service)

Entering the VAT ID before sending the order

Customers from an EU country other than Germany who have a VAT ID and wish to receive a tax-free invoice must enter their VAT ID in the field provided before submitting the order and use the address data registered for the VAT ID. When sending the order by clicking the Jetzt kaufen button, a mandatory verification of this data is performed. If it is not successful, a tax-free invoice cannot be issued. A subsequent change of the invoice regarding the tax statement is not possible or only under the conditions specified in the section "Subsequent change of invoice"!

VAT ID or address details are not accepted?

When submitting the order by clicking the Jetzt kaufen button, the data you entered will be compared with the data of the tax office. There is only a confirmation whether all entered data are correct or not, but no correction of the data. If you do not know the correct data, please check with your tax office.
  • If, for example, you are an educational institution using a VAT ID, it may be that the address registered for this purpose is that of a superior authority. Only this address will then be accepted as the billing address. If you order a DVD, you can specify the school address as the delivery address. In the case of download orders, delivery is by mail, so it is not necessary to enter a different delivery address.
  • If you are ordering as a branch of a company, for example, you may have to enter the company's address as the billing address, but not that of your branch.
  • If you are ordering from South Tyrol, it is possible that the address entry will only be accepted in Italian or only in German spelling.

Subsequent invoice change

A subsequent invoice change to a tax-exempt intra-Community service or delivery is, due to the applicable laws, very time-consuming and only possible if we receive the following documents within 5 working days after issuing the invoice:
  • Request for invoice change
  • Proof of the existence of a valid VAT ID at the time of the service/delivery (declaration from the responsible tax office)
  • Excerpt from the commercial register (or an excerpt from a corresponding register in the respective country)
  • Notification of bank details
If we do not receive the documents in full or in time, we cannot comply with your request to change the invoice.
Please note: A fee of 15€ will be charged for processing.