I am ordering one or more licenses as a facility, institution, (individual) company. What fits?

The Pro license is suitable if you want to purchase and use the license as a facility, institution, legal entity, company or individual entrepreneur. Pro licenses are available in different license sizes starting from size 1. The license size determines the maximum number of available license seats. If required, additional license seats can be purchased.

License seats may be assigned optionally:

a) product users

b) product workstations

c) concurrent product uses. The maximum number of concurrent product uses is one third of the license seats allocated for this purpose, provided that the installation is in a terminal server environment that counts and limits all product uses running at the same time.

Combinations in the allocation of license seats are also permitted. For example, the licensee may allocate a license size of 60 as follows: 30 license seats for 10 concurrent product uses on a terminal server, 30 license seats for workstations with local installation.